Braai Green

Sustainability of the use of renewable resources

Environmental Awareness

Braai Green with Safari. The sustainability of the use of renewable resources is the core focus of our environmental policy. Safari fully supports all environmental concerns raised pertaining to our industry. We have an environmental management plan in place to reduce energy consumption and to optimize the usage of raw materials.

We support local projects in the Southern and Eastern Cape region for the eradication of alien trees from catchment areas to improve water run-off into rivers and dams. All usable wood is recycled into charcoal and braai wood. We currently support six independent contractors who make a livelihood from this ‘recycling’ of alien wood. 

Our charcoal is sourced from Namibia. The Namibian department of forestry has stringent measures in place where the farmers’ land is being inspected by the authorities prior to issuing harvesting permits for the production of charcoal. Harvesting is restricted to the eradication of intruder bush such as Sekelbos, Swarthaak and similar species.

We have our own in-house paper, cardboard and plastic recycling programme.

Environmental Policy Statement

We recognize our duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, that the environment will not be damaged by our operations, manufacturing of green braai products and will co-operate fully with the authorities to meet statutory, legal and other obligations. 

Sekelbos trees in Namibia which have invaded natural Savanah land, is being harvested for the production of charcoal and primarily used as raw materials for Safari charcoal and briquettes.

Environmental Management as integral part of our Integrated Management System

  • Minimise the environmental impact of our activities
  • Control any threats of pollution from our activities
  • Utilise natural resources rationally and prudently
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation & Other requirements
  • Procure raw materials from environmentally friendly suppliers

Maintain and optimize our Management System, awareness of environmental issues within our organisation, our responsibilities and our Environmental Policy which we will review annually.

Our Policy will always be communicated to all, be available to the public and interested parties.

Braai Green with Safari Bio-lites

Bio-lite it. Burn it. Braai it, Love it!

Safari Braai Products has taken a step in the Right direction by incorporating Green Technology into our firelighter production plant. This has taken us over 5 years of research and development to produce a Green Firelighter produced from plastic waste. We are proud to be contributing towards the cleaning up of plastic dump sites in South Africa, making it a better world to live in!

In 2016 I was approached by a gentleman, Mr Andre Harding, from Hoekwil in the Western Cape, to research the possibilities of producing fuel from gasses (‘Syngas’) recovered from a charcoal burning process. The research took us on a different road where we converted plastic waste into fuel through a very conservative method, and then successfully produced a firelighter from it. The firelighter had a very unpleasant smell to it and we somehow needed to clean the fuel. After spending around R2m in research and development over 2 years we found that we needed a large amount of funding to set up a specialized fractionating plant to produce this low-odour fuel.

During 2018, we approached an international company to investigate the process of producing fuel from plastic waste. This company has been perfecting its process for over 18 years and have designed a ‘state of the art’ refinery plant which now produces high-quality, industrial-grade, pure oils, solvents and waxes from plastic waste instead of from crude oil.

Our first consignment during February 2021 to formulate our first GREEN firelighter called Bio-lites. Bio-lites is further enfused with charcoal dust produced from alien trees and invader bush species giving it a ‘Better Burn’. This process makes our product one of the ‘Greenest’ firelighters on the market and we are proud to be the first company successfully producing a commercial firelighter product from plastic waste.

Bio-lite it. Burn it. Braai it, Love it!

Go Green – Go Safari!