Braai Green with Safari Shisa Nyama Charcoal

Burn it. Braai it, Love it!

Shisa Nyama – The charcoal for Shisa Nyama is sourced from the Eastern Cape region, from previously disadvantaged communities. These communities depend mainly on the income of the charcoal production, and they contribute extensively to the eradication of Black Wattle trees in the ravines and conservation areas. Black Wattle trees are invader species in South Africa (when not planted in plantation formation). These trees are a threat to our indigenous Fynbos species in mountainous areas and  exhaust the water resources in ravines, causing the drying up of rivers. Go on and support our South African Heritage by purchasing Shisa Nyama charcoal for your braai! Laat waai, daar’s ‘n Shisa Nyama Braai!