Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner

The Ultimate Spot remover and Surface Cleaner

  • Contains no acids or ammonia
  • Non-flammable
  • Water Based
  • Leaves no residue

Purposely intended for the removal of grime and dirt from various work surfaces, clothing, vehicles and tools.


  • Heavy duty cleaning – apply undiluted with brush or through use of a high-pressure spray.
  • Regular cleaning – dilute 125ml:1000ml.
  • Light duty cleaning – dilute 30ml:1000ml.

Apply to surface and wipe off or rinse with water.

Always test for colour fastness on upholstery before use. Not recommended for leather upholstery.


Safari Cleaner can be used on braai grills, clothing & upholstery for stain removal, mildew in showers, general cleaning in bathrooms & kitchens, tile cleaner, aluminium & stainless steel surfaces, industrial surfaces, degreasing engines and commercial tools, and vehicles.

Safety Precautions

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes, extended skin contact or the inhalation of fumes. If accidental contact occurs with eyes, immediately rinse with water and seek medical assistance. Not to be taken. If swallowed drink plenty of water/milk and seek medical help.

This product contains surfactants, phosphates and metasilicate.